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SL TanSL Tan 

S-control question

I wonder if anyone has come across the same situation and can advise me.
I have an S-control custom link on a Custom Object A that generates a report extracting data from fields in the Custom Object A. The merge fields referencing the Custom Object A extracts the data nicely. However I have a few fields where data need to be extracted from another Custom Object B.
These data from B can be generated from another S-Control C to show on A after Save successfully.
However there does not seem to be a way to get the merge field data from B to show in this report . I tried to use the Field Type $SControl and use C for the Merge Field but got the following comments when the report is generated :
I hope someone will be able to point out what is wrong here and what should be the solution
Many thanks in advance
Greg HGreg H

I think I get what you are trying to do.  Basically, the $Scontrol function will provide you the url location of the specified scontrol.  So I don't see that working for you here.

Also, unless custom object A and custom object B are somehow related you will not be able to get data from merge fields from an scontrol on a record from object A page layout.  Additionally, since you cannot do joins from Object A to Object B you will not be able to get a standard report to get data from both objects on a single report.

To use salesforce.com standard reporting module you must either create a relationship between your two custom objects or populate fields on one object's records with data from the other object.

My suggestion is to always run scontrol C which you indicate will populate fields on A after save.  Only after the fields have been populated will the report work.

There could be other options too.  Let me know if you'd like other suggestions,

SL TanSL Tan

Hi Greg
Thanks a lot for your reply and kind suggestions. Finally I found a way to work round this by altering the report content without sacrificing the required information on the report but still meet users needs.
Best Regards