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Relating Event object to other Objects

Hi. I am just getting started with Salesforce.  The application I would like to write using this platform heavily involves the Event object. However, as I experiment with the Event object I keep running into various problems and I am starting to wonder if this may not be flexible enough for my needs.  For example, I have a custom object - say Object1.  Object1 can have many events - so I would like to create a lookup relationship between Object1 and Events so I can ask salesforce to show me all events for Object1.  I believe either the Account object or the Contact object has something like this already.  However, I do not see an Event object anywhere to create a Lookup Relationship with Object1. How can I do this?  This is somewhat simplified because the actual problem involves a many-to-many relationship. 

A related problem I am having is that the event object does not have all the information I would like to track.  Unlike other objects I cannot seem to find a way to customize it or select it. So I cannot relate it to other objects and I cannot seem to customize it.  However events are central to the application I am building.

As another option, is there a way to inherit the functionality of the Event object (or any other standard object) into my custom object and build on it?

Is the Event object locked?  If so, do you have any suggestions about how to manage this kind of relationship between the standard object event and a custom object?  Thanks very much.  If it matters I am developing using the Ruby on Rails ActiveSalesforce gem. Thanks very much.
Ron HessRon Hess
I understand if it's a bit confusing, but when you go into the setup | App Setup | Customize and then click on Activities, you can locate the link for Activity Custom Fields

This will allow you to add fields to the Event object.

Not sure if this will meet all your requirements, but it's a start.

Thank you very much - that does help some and also educated me about the concept of an Activity in Salesforce.  After looking at that screen I noticed that for some reason you cannot create a Lookup type field though - the radio button is missingI  I did see where you could add in additional text, date, etc fields and that does help.  I have added the additional required fields to my Event object and that works great.  However, I still may end up using another system instead because that EventAttendee relationship is essential.  I was hoping to create a solution that was 100% Salesforce but it looks like that might not be possible.  Any thoughts on why the Salesforce team has decided to keep this functionality locked away from us?  It seems so important to any customized event based application.

We have the same problem. We would also like to be able to run client meetings through an approval process to approve the meeting notes. It would be also be useful to be able to attach documents to events. We use Salesforce for private banking relationship management, so not having the ability to do this is a huge shortcoming.

Does any one have any idea when events/activities will have these extra abilities switched on ??


I'm having the same problems, but with tasks.  I want to lookup to see if the task owner is still active in the system, but for some odd reason (that tech support wont tell me) you can not create a formula of Owner.IsActive (even thou this works from SOQL)


As work around I figured I would create my own custom field that is a "lookup relationship", but "lookup relationships" are not available for the Activity object.


If anyone know why this, or if it will be fixed, or workarounds please please please post them here



On the surface SFDC looks great, you go through the training and everything works and you praise SFDC.  Then when you get to any real-world development you hit one of these many road blocks and you end writing the ugliest hack to get it to work. It just like Lotus Notes development all over again  ugh!