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User getting insuffiecient priveledges to add notes

The role is set up not to allow the edit of the basic info on an account, but we would like for the user to be able to make a note or attach an email or document to an account. Since the note section is a separate field and does not respond when edits are made to the account it would seems that it should be allowed. The only way I have been able to allow this function is to give them full edit rights, please tell me if there is a way to allow notes without allowing a change on the entire account info.


Thanks, Janice  


It's not pretty, but can you give them account edit rights, and then lock everything down via field level security?


And even though it looks like a related list, you need account edit rights to attach a note or document.  It makes sense to me that it would be so you can relate the note to the account, but there may be other reasoning as well.



You can't do this if the user is a Portal User since Portal users can't have "Edit" access to Accounts.