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Data Storage recommendations


We're developing an application on Force.com platform that will require a number of document attachments for various objects. We will be needing storage space and capabilities in addition to the default storage that comes with Force.com license. Appreciate any suggestions regarding third party data storage providers that has worked for other Force.com applications.

What kind of size documents are you looking to attach? You can purchase additional storage from SF in blocks of 50MB or, more cost effectively, 500MB if I recall correctly.
Thanks bg_richard for the info. We're looking at atleast 10GB storage space. In addition to the storage space, we're also looking for solutions that have some kind of document management already in place. For e.g:- Search all the files uploaded on a specific keyword.


OK. We've been looking at providing hosted Confluence or Sharepoint services which could do this, but as it's not up and running yet you could try one of the other numerous offerings out there, such as http://www.portalogiks.com . They used to do Sharepoint with 10GB storage & 100 users for about $100 a month. If you prefer Confluence, go to http://www.atlassian.com/hosted/confluence - if you decide to run your own server for either we (BrightGen.Com) can help.

I'm sure there's many other services out there to, but both of the above have APIs that you can call on.


There's several solutions available on Appexchange:

Appirio Cloud Storage

FTP Attachments™ 2

External Attachments 1.1

DoX 1.5




There is also S-Drive AppExchange Product. There is no limit in terms of storage and a single file can be up to 2GB in size. Tiered pricing also makes S-Drive economical.