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I want to send an email - depending on customers answer, will update their data into salesforce.


I would like to send out a complex version of a Salesforce.com“Stay in Touch” email where we email the 4300+ subscribers to our email newsletter & general database with an offer to get a free copy of an upcoming publication in hard copy.  This effort would also serve double-duty as a general clean up of our database and update as much information on each of our subscribers as possible.
Ideally each email would be HTML format with Company branding and a picture of the upcoming publication and text explaining what we are doing..
The email would pull information data from SF.com and display a personalized version of what data we have on file for each user  to allow each email subscribers to:
1.        Verify their snail mail address ( or allow them to provide it)
Example Email:
Dear David,
Telepresence Optionswill soon be releasing its upcoming publication, The Telepresence Options 2011 Yearbook
(Picture Here)
The 2011 Yearbookwill be the most comprehensive overview of telepresence technologies, solutions, and providers ever assembled.  As a subscriber to the Telepresence Options Telegraph we have reserved a free copy for you but need to verify your mailing address.
CONFIRM or EDIT  (Edit would screen pop a webpage that would allow you to update the info directly into SF.com )

Could I get someone to do this for me as a one time thing with minimal costs?

Or is there a cheap way that anyone knows about how to do this?

Thanks for any help!