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What does the "X" in CustomXTab mean when using SFDC CSS?

I am trying to implement an inline s-control with SFDC formatting, however I can't find any documentation that states what the "X" should be in CustomXTab when trying to use a custom tab's formatting in the class attribute of an object. Thanks

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I just found a comment in the source of the custom tab page that Identifies the "motif" as "custom15".  I entered this into the CustomXTab (where x=15) and it put the correct formatting on the in-line s-control.


Question - how do I find this value without combing through the html source???  Seems like a really limited way to get that number.


Greg HGreg H
You can look at the Custom.css file itself to see the icons and colors used for each numeric value.  If you want a cleaner way to see the actual icon and the actual color you can go to the create new tab screen.  When you're prompted to select the icon a new window will be displayed.  In that window it will show all custom colors and icons.  By viewing the source code on that screen you can get a better idea of your available options.