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Auto Create Web name, web phone Web Email as contact

Hi all,
The webforms come in as cases for us, when the web contact email doesn't match with SF contact the webform contact info stays in Web fields.  I was wondering if  there is a way to auto create the web contact as SF contact as soon as Webform gets created as a case.  Can somebody share s-control?:smileyhappy:
I appreciate your help in advance.
This has been a common issue for quite sometime.  An easy fix is to use our Web-to-Case Asst which automatically matches incoming web cases to existing contacts and accounts and if necessary creates contacts and accounts based on case web fields.  There's a free version of the basic app available at:


Exactly what I am looking for!  :smileyhappy:  The s-control works like a charm..

Thank you very very much. 


The s-control works  well on my test site,  does it need any update to use on production site where accounts and contacts are >20k?
i customized this to search on the email rather than the name/phone, since neither are required to be unique, and most likely won't be.

where should i post it to help others out?

i'm also planning to take it a step further and autocreate the account on a matched contact.  for some reason, SF's contact creation form that's available from the lookup field in a case does not require an account to create the contact, and it's leading to data integrity issues in a default install...