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KnowledgeArticle and KnowledgeArticleVersion relationship

Hi !


I'm trying to query a KnowledgeArticleVersion record and its associated KnowledgeArticle in a single SOQL query.


However, reading the objects description, it seems that the KnowledgeArticleVersion's KnowledgeArticleId reference field does not have a RelationshipName.

That means that I cannot do


select KnowledgeArticle.CaseAssociateCount from KnowledgeArticleVersion where id='something'

I cannot do that because "KnowledgeArticle" is not a valid relationship on a KnowledgeArticleVersion.


Is there a reason for this ? Is there a workaround ?




Looks like your observations are correct: it doesn't seem possible to get any field of the KnowledgeArticle from KnowledgeArticleVersion. You'll need 2 SOQLs