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Master-Detail Relation (FETCHING DATA)

HI Sir,

Currently i have Chlid objects emp and master Object & dept as Child Object


for emp table standard field is empidx (auto number)

and for dept its deptidx(autonumber)


now when i am creating a master detail relation ship for both the tables.

and when i lookup on the feild which is DEPTNO in employee table , when i perform lookup action i am only able to get the deptidx no ) where in i would like to get the deptno data.



or can suggest how can we implement the same if any alternatives


can any one help .

Thanks in advance


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If you want to display all the columns in the lookup window of the dept object.

Follow the below steps:
1. Setup->create-> Objects->click on dept object
2. Click on edit link present infront of Lookup Dialogs in search layout section
3. Select the fields from available fields and move into selected fields
4. Click on save button


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