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Working with a customer who has a custom relationship with no defined Name field

This isn't even possible through the user-interface to create something like this so I am wondering if they did this at one point and were grandfathered in - or is this something that is possible that I just haven't seen before?


Here is an example - normally when I setup a custom relationship I can query the name by doing the following:




I've done a test by creating a new custom relationship in my account with the same name and this seems to work. In the case above though (customer's account), I get the following message:


No such column 'Name' on entity 'Case'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. 


Any ideas?




Your Account object must be the child of Case object.

That mean you have Look-up relation from Account- Case


Then it works


Also, strange but true, the standard Case object does not have a Name field. Try Subject instead.


Hope this helps,


Subject isn't the case's "name," at least not in that sense. The field you'd be seeking is "Case.CaseNumber," which is the equivalent field for a "name" field; it is basically the same as a custom object's name field when using the data type "Auto-Number." When you use a lookup field to a case, you'll see that the field it displays is the case's case number, thus inferring that case number is the "name" of the object.