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Link between class diagram and salesforce schema builder

Hi Guys,


I am doing a Project, for better understanding I am trying to find out "What is the link between the class diagram and Salesforce Schema Builder? "


So far, I know that:

Class diagram:


  • Describing the static view of the system.
  • Showing the collaboration among the elements of the static view.
  • Describing the functionalities performed by the system.
  • Construction of software applications using object oriented languages.
  • Analysis and design of the static view of an application.

  • Describe responsibilities of a system.

  • Base for component and deployment diagrams.

  • Forward and reverse engineering.


    Salesforce Schema Builder:


    The Schema Builder makes it easier to visualize my objects, fields and relationships in an interactive Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
    It shows the follows:

    • Objects and fields
    • Relationships between objects (standard and custom)
    • Differentiate between master-detail and lookup relationships at a glance
    • Switch views between labels and API names

    To launch Schema Builder, go to Setup → App Setup → Schema Builder.



    But how are the linked in any ways??


    I would really appreciate your help guys :)



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I do not believe they are linked at all. Except in the sense that they are two different interfaces to the same objects.


As you pointed out, the schema builder makes it easier to visualize your objects and allows you to quickly make changes.


The class diagram is the more traditional and documentation type view of the objects.


2 doorways into the same thing.




ok thanks I understand that it has some similarities, thanks a lot for your help.


I really appreciate :)