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Urgent: "My Domain" settings problem for Federated SSO



We are planning to implement FEDERATED SSO in our organization. I have enabled "My Domain" and mentioned to use "SAML IPD" authentication service so that whenever users click the domain url they will be redirected to the Identity Provider Login URL. As an admin I am able o login using the login.salesforce.com URl, but if I check the 'Prevent login from login.salesforce.com' checkbox, then I am not able to login to Salesforce either by using my domain URL appended by /?login=1 or through login.salesforce.com. My question is, If I check the checkbox and something happens to ADFS server then I wont be able to login to salesforce as an admin also. Is there a workaround for this? When ADFS identity fails, how will an admin login to salesforce to disable login from Identity Provider?


Thanks in advance.



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For some reasons, I was able to login today using my doman URl appended by ?/login=1 directly into salesforce.