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SAML 2.0 CAS Login URL Setup

I am trying to setup SSO using Federated authentication. I turned on the SAML entered all the params for the Identity Provider. The IDP is jasig's implementation of CAS. The system admin added saml.salesforce.com to the CAS registry.

Can someone please tell me how to build the page redirect URL from Salesforce URL (https://test.salesforce.com) to the IDP URL? I have looked at some documentation which suggests to add params to saml.salesforce.com but I keep getting page not found error message.





Hi A.V,

I am doing the exact same thing for my company, i.e. implements SSO with CAS and SAML2.0 for salesforce using dederated athentication. I am also stuck at how to create this redirect URL. Please let me know if you find the answer, I'll do the same.


Also I think once you setup the SSO on salesforce side, when user tries to login the redirect request is created automatically by SF and I think we need to implement the service code that is on Idp side to validate this user and then send SAML Assertion with his fedreation id. This is my understnading. I am also  anewbie to this. Please correct me if I am wrong.





a v.ax1624a v.ax1624

Hi Madhuri,


As I have been told/read, the whole deal with SAML is that we do not really have to write any code. The setup of the handshake between the Service Provider(SP) and Identity Provider(IDP) is supposed to be sufficient. It sounds great on paper, doesn't it?

CAS is supposed to send the SAML assertion to Salesforce but maybe additional setup on CAS is needed for this to work or as you suggest maybe some code is needed. I will post back if I have any updates.




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Pulas AmbenseniPulas Ambenseni
Really old issue, but trying my luck here just in case - anybody got this working?