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Single Sign On for Excel Connector



Is it possible to have SSO for Excel Connector? Please suggest if there is a way to do it..


Hi Jay,


Yes, it should work I believe.


Please check the following doc which talks about SSO with Salesforce Client Applications:





Thanks Sonam for the information.


I had already checked out that link for Desktop clients. The link talks about Connect for Outlook, Connect for Lotus Notes, and Connect for Office. These all the officially supported by Salesforce though Excel connector is not. So I am not very sure.


Also, the example in this link http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/implementing-single-sign-on-for-clients has implementation of Delegated Authentication. But our application has Federated one based on SAML.


Is there a way to have SAML based SSO for Excel connector? Any help will be great.




Does nobody have a reply to this? We are having a similar problem using the Excel Connector, but being on single sign-on. This means we run into problems with the connector asking for a Security Token, which our organization no longer uses, due to the single sign-on.