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Data Migration Tool: Migration issues

I currently work for an organisation who have chosen to use SalesForce.


We have two sandboxes.


We wish to migrate the entire org from sandbox to the next on a night by night bases at midnight, so this must be a completely automated process.


We will be using Ant, which will load the Data Migration Tool to migrate the data, which will be scheduled at 12AM daily.


When migrating workflows, I get errors, because workflow objects have "User" inside them. For example, outbound messages have an "User to send as" field which stores the Username. Another example is in tasks, there is a "Assigned To" field which again stores a Username.


Heres where the problem lies. When trying to push workflows to the destination sandbox, it errors because the user exists in the source sandbox, and not the destination sandbox. Furthermore, the user cannot be pushed into the destination, because the users must be globally unique to the entire salesforce database.


The obvious answer is, touch up the xml files after the pull from source sandbox and before the push to destination sandbox. But this needs to be an automated process.


Does anybody have a solution for this? Or even an application that can/will touch up xml accordingly.






I am a newbie to salesforce. I want to migrate data(not the objects or Metadata) from one sandbox to another sandbox. I learned that you are using an ant tool for that. Though there are some issues in migrating the data as you said, I want to give it a try. Could you please share that with me?




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Hi there,
You can move data from one Sandbox to another one using Data2CRM migration service (https://www.data2crm.com/migration/crm/salesforce-sandbox-migration-service/#what-you-may-migrate