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Is Eclipse 4 Juno supported? Token and password not saving.

I wanted to check out Juno and see if it had anything interesting to offer. I added a SalesForce project and successfully pulled everything down, but the next time I try to do something that requires a connection to the server, I get an error:


Unable to connect to organization with given login credentials.
Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.


I go into the project properties and my token and password are gone. I put them in again, click apply, ok, and choose Yes to refetch everything. The refetch works but when I go back into project properties the password and token are blank again. 


Any ideas?


I am facing the same issue.  Haven't been able to find a resolution though so am going to try downgrading my Eclipse version to see if that fixes it.


I think its potentially an Eclipse issue, as the objects that I attempt to open do actually get opened within eclipse, but I get this same error each time. However I have not attempted to make code change and sync it back to the salesforce servers.


I have helios installed in a seperate directory that I can point to the same workspace if required though. So far im liking Juno :)


i have the same issue.


juno has been released for several months now, any updates or workarounds to make it work with the force.com ide?


I opened a ticket with SalesForce and provided them the details and refered them to this post. Eventually this is the reply I got back. Apparenty Juno is NOT supported:


Unfortunately, Force.com IDE on juno : “Username and password/token credentials are not being saved in SalesForce projects in juno eclipse IDE” is an issue that is not within Salesforce's scope of our Basic Salesforce Developer Support Team responsibility, 
So I am going ahead and marking this case as close.