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Documentation on Scontrols- Using Java Applets

I am totally new to Scontrols..  I am looking for any documentation on S controls. I am interested especially in using Java Applets..!!!

Thanks a lot..



Hi chitra,

There is no doc on scontrols right now.  The best way to create an scontrol is to create an html page that behaves the way you need it to (embedded applet, javascript etc).  Once you have the page down, you can go and create an scontrol and paste the html code into the control and replace any variables with the required merge fields that you are using.

An scontrol that uses and embedded applet or activex control is simply html code that is saved on our servers.


Thanks Dave...

I am not sure if I am doing it right.. This is my java file

import java.applet.Applet;
import java.awt.Graphics;

public class Scontrol extends Applet
 public void paint(Graphics g)
   g.drawString("Scontrol Sample",100,100);

And this is my HTML file...

<TITLE> A Simple Program </TITLE>
<APPLET CODE="Scontrol.class" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=100 >

I uploaded the class file when I created the Scontrol.. I created the reference to this SCtrl in the Page layout too.. What am I missing...???

Where does the applet get loaded from...???

Could it be problem with the applet attributes..??? So .. I am not sure about the applet attributes that needs to be set .. Archives... Java Code Base .. etc..!! I am not sure where I am making mistake..!! ..

Thank you...