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Automatic updates from custom application

We're creating a Multiforce application that depends on an external partner application writing updates to custom objects at regular intervals (overnight, several times per day, etc.). What's the best way to set this up?

The partner application is being written in .net and uses the Partner API.  When used interactively, there's no problem; we can pass a valid SessionID in the URL.  The challenge comes when the partner app needs to "wake up" and proactively write updates to the Salesforce organization.

One option would be to store a user ID and password for our organization in the external application, but that creates a whole host of issues, security being just the first one. Are there any other/better alternatives?



Hi Bill,

Well, there really is no alternative.  The partner app needs to be able to authenticate somehow.  The best way to get this done is to have a config file and in your app provide for encryption of the password that you will use to authenticate.  You can then store your strongly encrypted password in the config file and mitigate some of the security concerns.

Control over the machine that is running your partner app is also something that you should try to maintain.