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Joins between tables are not possible??!!

I was reading the API and i've seen that i can't make a query with a join between two tables??!!. I can't belive that. I must be wrong.

I don't know why do we have that restriction!!!. In all the databases is possible to do so without any problem. Can anybody help me please?



Hi alex77,

Ouch!!  What join do you want to do?  Can you assure me that your join will be efficient and not negatively impact the other users of the system? 

Query optimization is at the heart of keeping performance levels hight.  Query optimization get very complex when joins are thrown into the mix.  The more joins the more complex.  Joins are not an easy thing to expose and still maintain high levels of performance and reliability.  That is why we don't have them right now.

Joins are on the roadmap for the API though.  Before we roll out joins, we are going to make sure that they are efficient and do impact overall system performance.  This requires quite a bit of innovation and creativity. 

We have not overlooked this need and are committed to providing this feature in the future. 

Although the lack of joins is inconvenient, it is possible to work around it if you perform the join on the 'client' side. With judicious use of caching and a workable 'client-side' join approach, you can still use the Sforce objects (and custom objects) as if using a relational database.

Try to think of it as a challenge with entertainment value. ;-)

(I don't work for Salesforce, but I can relate to your pain as a third party developer.)
You can also use third party products (such as Composite Software) which do client side joins. We continue to see if this is something we can add, although I won't expect anything in the near term.

>We have not overlooked this need and are committed to providing this feature in the future. 

Hi Dave, i would like to know if there are news about this item (join query to be real!)

Is there a date exstimated?



We are actively developing this feature.  I don't know when it will be completed.
Does this work now?