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Url for amazon s3.

Hi All,


I have created bucket in amazon s3.Now i want to navigate to that bucket's page from salesforce .For that i created a link like this.https://s3.amazonaws.com/bucketname and also tried https://bucketname.s3.amazonaws.com. But its not working fine,telling No such bucket exists.


Could any one please let me know where i am doing wrong.





Hi Raj, 

Are you looking for creating a Tab in Salesforce that redirect to the Amazon URL, then that is through the iFrame for which you have to check the browser settings of that particular browser. 

The X-Frame-Options header tells a browser (all new browsers support this feature) if displaying a web page from within an iframe is allowed.

Setting it’s value to “deny” tells browsers not to display the page within an iframe.

SalesForce started  on summer 13, to add the X-Frame-Options header to their web pages.

A salesforce admin can add or remove this header from his pages by going to:

Setup -> Security Controls -> Session Settings

On that page, under “Clickjack Protection”  you can add or remove this header from your org’s pages (setup pages, salesforce pages or visualforce pages).

The only page that cannot be changed is the login page.

The login page has the X-Frame-Options set to “deny” therefor cannot be displayed from within an iframe.

A ticket to salesforce was issued and they replied that it cannot be changed.