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custom "help for this page" best practice?

We already have an online help repository. What could my "custom help" scontrol do to forward the user to the particular help content when they click on "Help for this Page"?


The help is already organized into a page for each Salesforce screen. Could I build *one* help scontrol that knows what screen Help for this Page was clicked and forward to the right content page?


Any best practices regarding this?


James Wikkerink

Cloudbench Applications


I see two approaches when using custom help:

  1. Build all the help in S-controls and use anchors to navigate the user to the relevant content
  2. Build all the help on your site and have the S-control redirect the user (this way you can update the help without having to update the S-control)

An example of this is the LMA app, take a look at the Test Drive to see how it works. This example uses a formula field on the layout, but the concept can be still be applied.


Hope that helps,