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Display Relationship Query Result



I have this code:


var soql= SELECT c.Account.Name (SELECT Subject,ActivityDate, Description from ActivityHistories) FROM Contact c WHERE Name Like 'XYZ%' var sql = sforce.connection.query(soql); var records = sql.getArray("records"); for (var a in records) { returnArray[a] = new Array(); alert(records[a].Name); //alert(records[a].ActivityHistories.Subject); .... .... }

I get Contact Name from  records[a].Name. I am not sure how to get the values of ActivityHistories object.

I wanted to get the values of  Subject,ActivityDate, Description and display it to the page.

Could you please help me ? how can we reference this Relatiohip query result?

Thanks for Your Time.

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Vipin  PulinholyVipin Pulinholy
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This is really helpfull! Specially when the link works!