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Flow: using css and javascript in the Flow Designer HTML Editor



I am trying to update the HTML editor of the Flow designer to use rich HTML, hand coded css and javascript and remove the html,head and body tag as i want the whole page to be part of 1 HTML document ? For some reason, I am not able to do this.


I am starting with trying to change the css only and removing the html,body,head tags from the Statement to just leave the content there but it doesn't seem to let me.I want it to look like the web page flow and I was starting to edit the 1st page of the interview flow to make it highly rich and customized based on our css requirements.


Any ideas?




Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

I was able to modify my CSS in the Flow Designer tool to style the content differently.


It looks like the Flow Designer tool always inserts some tags that it deems necessary, like the Head and Body, etc.


Maybe once you upload your .flow file it needs those tags to peice together the actual flow screens when it add the buttons for next,finish,etc.


If you find out more info please post it on this thread!


I've been playing around with the Visual Flow tool myself. So far though there's not a lot of documentation out there on how to use it, etc since its so new.


So whatever you find please share!

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

I just noticed that when you view the rendered HTML content in Salesforce for your Visual Flow, the content is totally rearranged. Your HTML <p> tags are placed inside <span> tags and your CSS is stripped out and put in interview.css.


I am only making an educated guess, but I think that they may be parsing the HTML generated in the flow editor based on HTML elements and then rebuilding a new HTML page that is rendered in Salesforce at run time.


That would explain why they always keep generating those HTML tags.


It would be great if the User Manual was updated for the HTML Editor to give guidance on what we can and can't do.


They (SF) probably think native VisualForce / Apex is the proper route there for the time being, I don't know. We will see how this product evolves I guess. Early adopters.... woot! :)