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Chris Federspiel - ic-2000.comChris Federspiel - ic-2000.com 

Linkforce & Site Permission

I  can't get Linkforce to work. This link: http://ic.force.com/reviewse2cp hits a user/pass screen instead of hitting the link it's set to. UrlRewriter is set, short URL permissions are set to read/create... not sure why it's not working. Ideas? Thanks.


Hey Chris,


I just released an updated version of the app this morning. Can you give LinkForce 1.32 a try and let me know if you're still having issues? jhersh@salesforce.com



Chris Federspiel - ic-2000.comChris Federspiel - ic-2000.com

Almost! It gave me an error because we don't have the new Salesforce rollout yet. I'll do it soon! Thanks


Same problem for me, wih version 1.32 installed.

Can you help ?


@JCB - We have TONS of linkforce links running and we love it - over 500 hits to http://ic.force.com/e2cp


Go back through your permissions and make sure everything is added for the proper profile/Site you're running under.


Hey thanks, cfederspiel :)


JCB - what issue are you seeing specifically? Do you have your custom settings configured? Make sure they're set at the organization level and that both the default and base URLs have trailing slashes. 


Alternatively, grant login access for your user and email me your username? jhersh@salesforce.com.