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Problems with CMSForce 2 on Force.com Free

I've run into a few issues trying to install CMSForce 2 on a Force.com Free org:


1. I'm getting the same error as reported here. It's a brand new org and I've added the Sites user's access to all classes and visualforce pages. The page runs if I remove the pageController from the Visualforce page so I suspect that it's something in the controller. Possible the Custom Settings? I just installed CMSForce 2 in a DE account and everything works fine.


2. In CMSForceSetup.page the save button is hard-coded to only display if the current user's profile is 'System Administrator':

<apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!save}" rendered="{!IF($Profile.Name == 'System Administrator', true, false)}"/>


However, if you install the package in a Force.com Free account, the profile is not 'System Administrator' but 'Platform System Admin' therefore the Save button doesn't render.
Jeff Douglas



Did you have any luck modifying the page?  You're prob right that it is a hard coding issue.  Since it's unmanaged you should be able to change it.