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Find Nearby -- How to handle existing long lat.

A user writes: "If I already have latitude/longitude coordinates, can I avoid the Geocoding process in the application?  Is there a way I can pull in the lat/long data I already have (sits in Salesforce) to map all my locations?"


Good question!  If you have Long Lat, no need to geocode.  If you have that data someplace else, you can either modify the code to refer to this other location or dataload it to the fields that Find Nearby expects.


Follow up:  where can I find the code?


The app on the appexchange is managed, which means you can’t see the code.

However, you can download it and use the app posted on Github.



One more follow up -- How to work with Open Source / Force.com / Github




This article was great Reid!  Is there any article you could point me to that has instructions on how I can install my unmanaged version of FindNearby on our Professional version of SF?  I was able to get it installed to a Developer account, but I'm not sure where to go from there.