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help settings field - custom help - s-control - who called me?

I am setting up our custom help links "help for this Page" for our custom objects. I am creating a s-control that provides context-specific help based who called this scontrol. Any way to find out who called me? Since the help screen opens up in a new window I thought I could use window.opener.url to parse for the calling object, but SF doesn't seem to be using standard ways to open the new help window because window.opener is null. Any ideas?
James Wikkerink
Municipal Software
$User merge fields help determine "who called" the s-control. Some of these fields are:

{!$User.FirstName} {!$User.LastName} {!$User.ProfileId} {!$User.UserRoleId} {!$UserRole.Name}

When editing your s-control, choose "$User" from the "Select Field Type" picklist just above the "Content" section, then view the entire list from the "Insert Field" picklist.

If you have a large number of users, your context-based help could be determined by the user profile/role.
Thanks for the reply. I should have been more clear. I am not interested in the "who" as in a person, but instead the screen I was on when the help screen was pulled up. I guess this would be the "what". Sorry for the confusion. I am looking for the object name at the very least, and also the ID (but not nearly as important). I have tried the {objecttype.name} merge field, but this is empty in my help scontrol.


I notice that the help for this page links have a parameter in the javascript query string called "Section" which appears to show the context of help that is requested.


sean33043 could you elaborate where you see "Section"? is it a merge field? Field available in the API?
The only meaningful way I could find to determine "who called me" is as follows:

caller = window.opener.location.href

From here, I could match against an object ID (example: /a03), or a record ID (/a03xxxfxxxxxxxxx), a list view (/a03?fcf=00Bxxxxxxxxxxxx), an edit page (/a03xxxxxxxxxxx/e), an assignment page (/a03xxxxxxxxxxxx/a), etc. Hope this helps.