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Using CSS Stylesheets and custom s-controls

Hi All,
I have seen several posts on this subject, but I am unable to utilize the custom tab styles in my s-controls.  I am developing an s-control where I redirect to a custom screen.  Currently, the "look" I am utilizing is the "account" object, but I would like the screen to match my "custom" object.

I have attached the tag i am using below.  I assume I need to change it to the custom object, but I don't know what the identification name is?  Do I need to include other stylesheets besides the standard ones that are defaulted when you create a new s-control through Eclipse (custom and common)?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!  This is a bit annoying.  I have seen some sites with pointers, but they seem outdated.
Thanks in advance!

<body class="account">

<DIV class="bPageTitle">

<DIV class="ptBody secondaryPalette">

try this :

<body class="accountTab">

<div class='bPageBlock secondaryPalette' >
<div class='pbHeader'>
<div class='pbBody'>
<div class='pbSubsection' style='display: block;'>


I am able to utilize the Account stylesheet with the example code i showed below.  My issue is attempting to replace the "account" reference with a custom tabs "style."

Does anyone know how/where I need to go to find that information and modify the body tags?