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Using SalesForce.com icons

Can I use the icons ( for Account, Opportunity, Case etc.) that are on SalesForce.com web pages in my custom mobile apps? 


Permissions/Licensing questions aside, the icons in the Salesforce browser UI are all referenced through CSS styles. I have used them for native (Visualforce) pages, but not sure if you will be able to access the CSS remotely. Performance wise, I think it would be a better approach to use local images as part of your app.


I would rather download them locally and use it in my app, if I can.

Justas SerstkovasJustas Serstkovas
I have a similar question - are we legaly allowed to use Saleforce icons? I do need an icon to use inside of native iOS app, but can't find any usage guidelines for it. Any resource on this please?
Justas SerstkovasJustas Serstkovas
After long time searching I found the following:

"• You may only use salesforce.com logos under license or other contractual permission or

where a specialized logo has been assigned to you to designate your business relationship with

salesforce.com. Use of logos under these limited circumstances shall not deviate from the form and

extent of permission granted to you."

This is exerpt from http://ebookbrowsee.net/salesforce-trademark-usage-guidelines-pdf-d291364097

Joe LuzziJoe Luzzi
I have SalesForce on my work desktop, iPad, and iPhone.  How can I set it up on my new laptop.  I want to set up an icon shortcut on the main screen?