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Visualforce Mobile



Please let me know the practices i need to follow for developing vf pages for mobile.





It's a fairly complex topic, and more about HTML itself than Visualforce generally.  When we say mobile, make sure your specifying what clients you are targeting.  Cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.  Mobile browsers are just like desktop browsers in the sense that they all have different limitations and capabilities, not to mention the the different resolutions.


So I'd define your target clients, and then see what HTML will work for those use cases.  Visualforce can render HTML as you need - be it for iPhones, iPads or even older phones may only support basic HTML.


Specifically for Visualforce, though, check out using it with mobile tabs:


Marty Y. ChangMarty Y. Chang

Thanks for the link, joshbirk.  Based on what Google publishes about developing mobile sites, there doesn't even seem to a be a global standard.  Does Salesforce have a way of automatically "optimizing" a Visualforce page that only uses standard components?


No, because such an optimization could quickly turn into a multi-threaded problem of which mobile device/browser/implementation.


Though I should note that you should keep an eye out for touch.salesforce.com - which aims to create a mobile optimized version of the standard interface/layouts.




Can anyone tell me what styling should be applied to visual force page to load it properly on mobile