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Formula FIeld with HYPERLINK

I'm using a formula field on the Accounts with a HYPERLINK function with some merged fields and it works fine on a desktop but when I use the mobile app it shows the whole field of characters with no link.  Is there a way to link and merge an account to an external website within the mobile app?

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I have faced similar problem. The only solution to this as far as I found out is using Cusyom Mobile links.

Follow this link for more information about custom mobile links:



Note: Custom mobile link will appear as ordinary formula text field in desktops, but as a link in mobiles


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Formula field using a hyperlink will not be visible on mobile. You have to Use the following keywords to make it possible.


"visualforce:///apex/page..." If you want to redirect to a VF page


"weblink://http:sitename.com" If you want to redirect to a desired site.


NB: This functionality will be visible only in salesforce mobile and not in a browser.