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I just installed the SDK and the library libsbjson-ios.a is "zero length"?

I am trying to create my first hybrid iPad application using force.com ...


The installation appears to be successful, and I was able to create a new project in XCode using the force.com template (the icon showed up). I then compiled the empty application which failed to link because of the JSON library (libsbjson-ios.a). When I searched in FINDER, It is a zero-length file.


Is there a way to rebuild this library without uninstall/install?


Any tips to troubleshoot and fix?


Hm just guessing here but it sounds like initializing the sbjson submodule from github didn't work. 


The install.sh script tries to init and update the "json-framework" submodule.  This could fail if eg your network connection is down while install.sh is running. 


You might try re-running install.sh or running reset.sh and then install.sh.   This should get your repo to a known good state.


Hope this helps...