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File upload to chatter

Hi guys,


I am using phonegap and salesforce mobile SDK. I want to post a file to chatter. But I am unable to make out. Following is my code snippet. Any kind of help will be highly appriciated.


        var comment = $("#comment").val();
	var params = new Object();
	params.desc = "description";
	params.fileName = "filename";
	params.text = comment;
        params.feedItemFileUpload = imageData; // response from phonegap getPicture methods
        forcetkClient.createFeedItem(params, postSuccess, postError);

    forcetk.Client.prototype.createFeedItem = function(fields, callback, error) {
    	  var str = [];
          for(var p in fields)
	     str.push(p + "=" + encodeURIComponent(fields[p]));
	str = str.join("&");
        this.ajax('/' + this.apiVersion + '/chatter/feeds/news/me/feed-items'
        , callback, error, "POST", str);




I think the issue here is that you're trying to encode the file data as a query parameter in the URI itself rather than in the HTTP POST body.  


I haven't tried this, but I believe there is a Chatter Connect API specifically for uploading files.  Take a look at this Chatter Connect API reference page. I believe what you want to do is set fileData in the POST body.


Hope this helps...


Hi Jagdeep,


It looks like you're making use of the Chatter REST API. I have answered a similar question before here: http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Chatter-and-Chatter-API/Chatter-REST-API-File-Upload-using-Request-body/m-p/367373#M1331 hope it helps.



- Chris