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query result count for different objects

I am using the mobile SDK for iOS and i am trying to get some information from objects, such as Account, Contact, Task, etc. When downloading records for accounts, I can get a maximun of 2000 records, and i can continue to get more records using the next request URL, however when trying to get records for accounts and other related lists, i only get 1000 records at a time, while still getting the next request URL. Why is there a difference with this? 



I am using the iOS native mobile SDK. My query is not limiting the number of requests


The number of records returned in a single batch depend on the number of types of fields you query, its done this way to prevent issues with very large results consuming all the memory in the client.


Thank you for your response.



I am actually querying for more fields on my query on the Account object than on the Contact object. Does it have anything to do with it being a Master-Detail relationship and the combination of fields?