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Bypass Salesforce Login Webview?

I'm working on an iPhone application using SalesForce, and I was wondering if there was a way to programatically login to sales force, so that the users of my application don't have to see the screen pictured below.. thoughts?


I'm very new to sales force and I find it all a bit overwhelming.



Login screen


You are getting this page because you are using OAuth. you can use an alternative method by using the username/password+token, and that can be done using the user interface of your choice, but it's a different authentication method than the one you are using. see soqlxplorer as an example of an application using a different authentication method. take into consideration that the user will have to have his security token at hand in order to log in.


I definitely agree with J2theC, its easier for the user to have username and password than the extralarge token word.  The OAuth page will show just once unless the user logs out of your App.  For an example look at the AppleStore for "images for salesforce" its a free App and will give you an idea on how it would be for your users.