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Hi All


I am new to Developer Force. 


Therefore, my question may be a little fundamental.  But the question is an important question to support my initial undestanding of Force.com platform.


I am interested to know if it is actually possible to design a single version of a Mobile App on Force.com to run on the following platforms Andriod, Blackberry, PlayBook, iPhone and iPad ?


Thank you, in advance.




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See Sandeep's latest blog post:


Developing Cross-Device HTML5 Apps Using Visualforce

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See Sandeep's latest blog post:


Developing Cross-Device HTML5 Apps Using Visualforce

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Hello, I am also new here. I have the same question but only for Mac, iPad and iPhone platform ! I recenlty purchased a new mac from CouponCodify (https://www.couponcodify.com/) for coding. Can anyone help me too?
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