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Native iPhone and iPad App

Hello All


I have been developing a Native Mobile App for the iPhone and iPad App.


The App is developed in Objective-C with a SQLite database on the device and a mySQL database on a server.


And then I discovered Developer Force.


I would obviously like to use the features of Developer Fore to ensure a robust and sclable solution, for example :


* Registration

* Security

* Login

* Infrastructure


But I am confused, would I need to re-code my App for Developer Force ?  Or am I able to re-use my current code within Developer Force ?


In particular, does Developer Force support sqLite and mySQL ?


Thank you, in advance.






You will need to recode the parts of your application that talks to the web server. Basically, on Salesforce platform, you will be performing calls to salesforce SOAP/RESP API, instead of the API of the current web service you are using. If you have tables on your mysql database, you will need to convert those tables to salesforce custom objects (most likely). SQLite is the database storage you are using for the local data of your device, which is not determined by the salesforce platform.


I think you should analyze your project deeply and try to understand the changes that you need to do. We can't specifically tell you what parts of your code/database tables need to change. That is the part you do.