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OAUTH2 MobileSDK using in existing project???

I want to use salesforce mobile SDK into existing project. How to use the oauth2  mobile SDK in existing project. I tried to use the SFCoodinator Class (ios) in my project i was put the login Webview generated by the oauth library in my viewcontroller, i was to login and i get a screen which ask permission to access the data when i press allow i go white sceen and my SFCoordinatorDelegate didAuthenticate method is not called 


I recommend you to download the lastest SalesforceMobileSDK from the github (https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS), install it, create a new project and after that, mount your existing project by changing the AppDelegate.m -> newRootViewController method.  Works great.


Are you assigning the delegate of the SFOAuthCoordinator object? Also, the 

- (void)oauthCoordinator:(SFOAuthCoordinator *)coordinator didBeginAuthenticationWithView:(UIWebView *)view


method is sometimes called more than once. if you get a blank page, that means that nobody is delegating the UIWebView object you are presenting. just force a log in again.