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resizing question for 'itarget' frame in web tabe

Hopefully this is a no-brainer for a javascript HTML DOM wiz out there:

I have an s-control hosted in a custom web tab. To further complicate things, it itself contains an iframe that displays an .aspx page. I see in the source of the sfdc page that is displayed, that the iframe "itarget", which hosts the s-control has height set to 100% and width set to whatever px you chose when creating the tab. Is there a way to change this so that the content in the s-control can be displayed and span all the usable space without creating a second set of vertical scrollbars? Also, when the s-control does its thing, it will present more content (i.e.- returns some search results), so even if I can resize onload, do I also need to be checking the embedded page's length and possibly resize based on some subsequent event - like the return/display of more content?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!