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AJAX and beta status?

When will the AJAX toolkit move out of beta status. What is keeping it in a beta status?
We are following the Google trend of keeping products in indeterminate beta :)

..because the toolkit has proved so popular, we are going to productize and support the AJAX toolkit - ie make it "offical" rather than a sample; this would give it higher status in terms of developer and QA attention, and well as doc, than our other toolkits/samples, but will take us some time do. We don't have a timeline for that, but until we ship the "productized" version, the toolkit will remain beta.

Remember that the toolkit is BSD open source, so you are free to take it, fork it, etc for your needs in the interim.
I am just looking for better documentation. More examles on how to use it and such. I found the class documentation, but would like to see examples of how to use the classes and methods in more detail. I figured that this documentation would come once it had moved out of beta.
Ron HessRon Hess
for examples, look on the AppExchange, many of the "Components" are written using the Beta 3.3 toolkit, and you can find examples of query, update, create...

there are simple ones and complex ones
you can see the source for any of them by looking in the test drive for that compnent, under setup->Build->custom scontrols
Where is the toolkit available? I cannot find it anywhere on the site.