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Adding a modal dialog box upon Lead insert



I have gone through every posting I could find on this and I am not finding something that matches what I'm trying to do. Basically I am trying to look at the leads/accounting being inserted and then launch a modal dialog box with some additional information. I don't want to do a Javascript alert box  because I want it to look/feel like it is part of the normal workflow.


Maybe it is my approach that is flawed? Here is how I want it to work:


1) User clicks the save button

2) On Insert lead trigger fires

3) Modal dialog box comes up with similar leads/accounts warning the user that they may actually be looking for one of those. At that point, I have blocked the insert from happening.

4) They close the modal dialog box by either selecting one of the other leads/accounts I am showing them or clicking a button that says close.


Outside of Salesforce I would just create a hidden div and use style sheets to create a nice slick looking dialog box or use Yahoo YUI. In the docs, someone hints at an s-control for this purpose but I am reading that I can't use s-controls anymore.


Any ideas? Thanks for your help!


It looks you are trying to overide Standard Save on Standard Salesforce page layout,

check here  I am not sure that we will able to overide Standard Save Button


if you are using VF page then  its possible to open Modal after Lead Insert

for this case use Jquery modal dialoge box