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Custom button for "go to list" link


I have an object (let's call it MainObj) which has a related object (let's call that RelatedObj).  I have a tab for MainObj which contains a related list for RelatedObj with a custom button and checkboxes which I got there by going to "Edit Page Layout" for MainObj and editing RelatedObj in the "Related List Section".  However, I would like to do the same thing (custom button with checkboxes) for the page that you go to when you click the "Go to list" link in the RelatedObj list view in MainObj's tab, where it shows all RelateObj objects related to that MainObj object. 

Does anyone have any idea of how I can do this?  I've tried everything (pulling out my hair hasn't helped either) and I'm not sure it's even possible unless some super-genius has an idea.  Thanks!
To my knowledge it's not possible to override a related list's Go To List link.
Actually, what I'm trying to do is add a custom button to the page that "Go to List" links to, not change that link (sorry for not being more clear.)  Any ideas on that one?
Oh, yes, you can do that.  Just add a custom button with a display type of "List Button" to the object in the related list (so if it's a related list of cases, add this button to the Case buttons and links page).  Then edit the layout of the main page (let's say it's Contact).   Here, click on your related list (Case in my example) and press the Properties button.  You'll see a "dueling listbox" that allows you to add your custom list buttons to the related list.  Add it, press OK, save the layout, and voila, you have a button on your related list.
Wait, I misread your last post.  So yes, you can put that custom button on the related list.  To make the button go there you just have to mimic the URL of the Go To List link.  In my example of a Contact page with a Case RL the URL is:


So you'll want to make a relative link in your button to something like
And that will take the user to the Go To Lisit page.

Sorry for (again) being unclear, but thanks for your help.  You were right with your former post.  I am looking to put a custom button on the page that you get to by clicking "Go to List", not create a link to the "Go to List" page.

I tried what you suggested and it does create the custom button within the lookup list (e.g. in the Case lookup list on the Contact details page) but doesn't create one on the page when you click the "Go to List" link in that same box (no buttons there at all, in fact.)  That was what I was looking for and I'm still stumped. :-/



I am new to Salesforce development and also encountering this issue. Wondering if anyone was able solve it? 






Did you find how to sort this problem out?

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Were you able to find an answer of how to add a custom button to the "go to list" page? Thanks for sharing.



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This Question was asked 5 years ago. Did anyone found the solution for this?