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Mr SlingMr Sling 

Survey Force reporting issue (due to multiple objects, etc)

Each Survey, Question within the Survey, Response within the survey, and Survey Taker are all stored as records within unique objects.  This becomes pretty difficult for us to report on specific answers within a survey.


For example, if we create a survey asking:

Question #1)  What's was wrong with our product?

    - wrong shape

    - wrong size

    - wrong color

Question #2) Please give details on your response above: 

    - "Herp Derp"


Problem:  Because each question and answer is it's own unique record within it's own unique object, I haven't been able to create a reporting filter to only show answers/details from Question #2 about what's wrong with the Answer from Question #1 (IE: "Shape"), because it will only return the value from Question #1... IE: "wrong shape".  Including both questions in a report means you lose graphing capabilities, as well, since every single #2 response is a unique value... :smileyindifferent:


I hope there's a quick workaround for this.  I have a feeling I'm laser-beaming into this issue and can't step back to see the easy solution.  Any advice?  :smileyhappy: