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Tab for Custom Object with VisualForce



I know this  question have been around many times but i never found a solution.


To overtake the limit of 25 tab i was wondering if it will be possibile tu create a

VisualForce page with many Apex Tab so that each Tab can manage a Custom object?


I have many custom objects where some configuration data need to be filled

up, not very often.


Is this possible, are there example around?


Thanks for your help


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i found the following solutions, maybe you can be interested.


I have a lot of configuration tables needed in lookup relationship. 


Instead of creating a lot of Tabs, I created an object Called Configuration created a Tab colled configuration.


Then i created all the Custom Object i wanted and for each one i created a master-detail relationship with Configuration.


So now i can have 20 objects inside one Custom Tab.