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Chatter versus Notes and Activities

I see a potential problem with users using Chatter instead inserting notes or activities.  The great thing about notes is a future record owner can look back at notes for an indefinite period of time.  With activities sales managers can report and track what their sales teams have been doing.  Do we lose these things if users are chatting about notes, calls, and meetings instead of "recording" them.


How do you plan on dealing with this situation in your org?


What reporting capabilities will Chatter have?


Can a trigger be created to automatically create a completed activity or a new note based off a post with certain phrases or keywords like "left a voicemail" or "sent an email"?


That is one of the things that I was thinking about too.  I see that happening on Cases in the future for my team as the "Comments" section is great but if they start posting it to Chatter then that defeats the purpose.


It might be a good option to turn off the posting of updates by an individual to Chatter on the object and then allowing the child object to report up to the Parent or associated Object.


So in the case of Contacts or Accounts, a new activity will trigger a message stating that a new activity with subject line of whatever was added to the contact or account but not allow a user to post to the contact or account directly a message..


Which brings me to my question is the rollup of Chatter by Child to Parent or associatied objects.  It could get cluttered real quick.  Our CEO wants to track accounts but the account level is of no use if the activities or opportunities don't roll up under it.  But it is also no use if everything associated with an account "chatters" and it becomes useless noise.


Anybody else have thoughts on this? 


This is a great conversation, and certainly highlights the importance of being able to report on Chatter feeds. Definitely add an idea if reporting is something that you feel should be in the product. 


Of course, you can also write a Visualforce/Apex-based report. I can think of a pretty cool use-case to visualize posts and comments per object.