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Getting Middle Management to buy into Chatter

I'm sorry if this isn't the correct board for this topic -- but I didn't see any general Chatter areas to post a non-developer Chatter question.


Our Chatter presentation to management got very negative reviews. How do people respond to frustrations that "It's just one more place to document" and "This is just one more time sink to have to respond to people who could get their answers by just researching the object?"


We tried to emphasis the collaboration aspect and was dismissed as "not important"


What have other people done to get their middle management to buy into the benefits of Chatter?


How do you convince them that it's not a "documentation" tool but a collaboration tool?


Our Operations Manager, Product Manager, and Marketing representative could see the benefit, but the managers that directly supervise the staff who would be "feeding" chatter and utilizing it found Chatter to be just "one more place" to document. For them, the capability of having "collaboration" by executives is seen as negative because there's just one more place they are obligated to respond to -- when the question could be addressed by looking at the record notes.


I haven't seen much along these lines yet but I will certainly post back when I do (I am tracking feedback).


The best single article may be this one from Appirio (although IMO it is a bit early) :


Chatter Matters: Our Experience with Chatter