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Following Team Member vs Following Object Records

There's some confusion with my test group over what shows up in their feed.


I've broken this up into two sections: 1. Following a Team Member and 2. Following an Object Records.


This is what I've experienced based on some small tests. Please let me know if this is correct and expected behavior:


Following a Team Member

Following a team member I see the following:

  • Changes to that Person's Profile/User via feed tracking -- IE Email Address
  • Status Updates
  • Replies to the team member's status update
  • Posts to the Team Member's Profile page - regardless if I'm following the user who posted

Following an Object Record

  • Posts via Feed Tracking on that Object Record
  • Posts by other team members on that object Record Regardless if I"m following that Team Member
  • Replies to posts from Feed tracking or other team Members

And I think that's it.


What I don't see is when a user I'm following causes Feed tracking to update a Object Record that I"m not following. So the only time I'll ever see "Steve updated to the stage to Contracting" is if I'm following that object or I go to Steve's profile page.


Is that correct? I somewhat expected I would see the Team Member's posts on Object Records including broadcast from Feed Tracking if I'm following that Team Member. What It looks like here is if I have someone who posts a question on an Opportunity -- only those people following that Opportunity would see it. Which means that for true collaboration - our managers and product managers would have to follow every Opportunity which would quickly be more than 500 records. The only other alternative is the users posts on their profile which we then lose that "history" on the Opportunity -- or we have to have someone request to follow the opportunity. Either seems to be counter productive if you're trying to streamline communicaiton.