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How to create groups in chatter

How to create groups in chatter.

Can we assign users to hav access to only particular chatter group.



I assume you're talking about via the API.


From taking a look at the what's new in v19.0 API doc you can see:


The following Salesforce Chatter objects were added in API version 19.0. To access these objects, Salesforce Chatter must be enabled for your organization.

  • The CollaborationGroup object represents a Salesforce Chatter group.
  • The CollaborationGroupFeed object represents a single feed item in a Salesforce Chatter group feed.
  • The CollaborationGroupMember object represents a single member of a Salesforce Chatter group.
The way the security model works is pretty simple. If a group is public, anybody in the organization can see it. If a group is private, only users in the group can see the group information / posts.

Select the Salesforce Chatter from Apps list(Top-right corner,a picklist).

Click on Groups tab.

Click New Group and enter details.

Select Private if only members of that group should be able to see the posts.