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Disappearing S-Control


in our Salesforce.com org we have a specific SControl which keeps disappearing.

This happens sometimes (though not always) when using the Apex Plug-In for Eclipse to work on SControls - not specifically this SControl. The SControl above seems to disappear when we refresh Eclipse from the Salesforce.com server.

We are using Eclipe Version build id: M20071023-1652 and the Apex Toolkit for Eclipse

I am sure that it is significant that this particular SControl was not directly referenced by any button - when I click the 'Where is this used?' button it shows no S-Control references. (We have now created a 'Dummy Button' to reference it so as to hopefully prevent it disappearing again). Although the SControl was not used directly, it was used indirectly by another SControl which builds a value for the saveURL containing a reference to the Id of the first SControl. This enables us to have the user redirected to the record just created rather than being directed back to the Contact Detail page which is what we need in some situations.

Does anybody know what the cause of this is? We assume it must be some kind of bug in the Apex Toolkit for Eclipse (?)

I have already reported this problem to Salesforce.com by logging a support case (case number 01716002), but I've been told that to get assistance I need to post the question on this discussion board.

Thanks and regards