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S-Control Report???

hi all:
   I wrote a s-control report calculating some fields this is why this is a custom report... now, the thing is the users want to be able to export this custom report to excel...
does anyone have any suggestions?
I had the same issue about a year ago. 

I had a table that contained all the data, consisting of multiple tables.  I made the outer table a child of a div.  So I grabbed all the html in the div and then posted that to a page on a server that I controlled.

The page was a simple asp page  and just did a response.write of the request.Form(parm) with the content type being xml.

Depending on how much data and which Web Server you are using you may have to do something special with the data.  I was using IIS 5.  With IIS 5 I had to take all the data and seperated it into multiple hidden form elements and post them all.  When the asp page was requested it would put all the data back together again.

In IIS6 there is a property that defines how much data can be posted or downloaded and that has to be set accordingly.

Sorry the response is not a bit more precise, but this should give you an idea.